Best Coffee in town!

Best Coffee in town!

Best Coffee in town!Best Coffee in town!Best Coffee in town!

Kickstart your morning with us!

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Using the tester to check on color and aroma of coffee.

My name is Andrea Ghersi.

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy.

I earned a degree in culinary arts and worked as a chef for over 20 years.

I spent much of my time on the Gulf of Mexico, between Alabama and Louisiana, where I met my wife Suzi.

Life brought us to Delhi, New York, where we live with our three daughters.

Delhi is a great community and a wonderful place to live.

My passion for coffee started at a young age. My grandfather, Nonno Aldo, and I would go buy freshly roasted coffee every Sunday at the Torrefazione in Monteverde Vecchio, an old Roman neighborhood. As an Italian, coffee has been part of my daily routine and one of life’s daily pleasures. Today, I love to share my coffee knowledge and experience by creating artisan roasts to be enjoyed by all.

Buon caffè!

Did you know?


Coffee has more aromatics/flavor compounds than wine.

The smell of fresh coffee is so complex that manufacturers have repeatedly failed in reproducing a realistic synthetic version of coffee aroma.

Did you know?


The darker the roast the less caffeine it contains.

Unlike many people think a ”strong dark coffee”

has less caffeine than a light or medium roast.

Where to find the best coffee in town


Bagels N Cream

Delhi, NY

Good Cheap Food

Delhi, NY.

Cross Roads Cafe

Delhi NY

Bull & Garland

Hobart NY

Freshtown supermarket

Margaretville NY

Maine street market

Livingston Manor NY

Rosalino's Diner

Andes NY

Bella Michael's

Oneonta NY

Trattoria Locale 

Margaretville NY

Quarter Moon Cafe

Delhi NY

Dragonfly Caffe'


Delhi Diner

Delhi, NY

Plattekill Mountain 

Roxbury, NY


Andes,  NY

Catskill  Food  Hub

Liberty,  NY